DIY // HBC Mini Bag Crochet Pattern

In honor of Canada Day, we concocted this really simple mini bag pattern. We love the iconic Hudson’s Bay colors, so here’s our homage to it. This pattern is for both beginners & experienced crafters.


  • 5 skeins of DK weight cotton yarn (1 blue, 1 yellow, 1 red, 1 green, 1 off white). We used DROPS Design Muskat (50g/100m per ball)
  • 3.75 mm hook
  • Sewing needle & off white thread

sc = single crochet
st (s) = stitch (es)

You’ll need to know how to crochet in the round and change colors. The entire bag is made using a single crochet stitch. If you’re new to crochet, Wool and the Gang has great tutorials for beginners.

Note: Every color change is worked for 3 rows.
4 rows in off white
3 rows in blue
3 rows in off white
3 rows in yellow
3 rows in off white
3 rows in red
3 rows in off white
3 rows in green

STEP 1: Chain 75 in the off-white colored yarn, joining the ring with a sc. This is the foundation row for the bag.

STEP 2:  Work 4 rows in sc, using the off-white color.
Tip: Refer to the step 2 image below for a tip on how to identify a new row at the end of each round.

STEPS 3 & 4: At the end of the last stitch from the 4th row, change to blue yarn.  If you need a refresher, here’s a tutorial on how to change colors. Continue working in blue, for 3 rows.

TIP: Once you start changing colors, you’ll notice that the last row looks higher than the next. DON’T WORRY, it looks like that because you’re crocheting in the round. Once you sew the bottom of bag at the end, those rows will be on the corners of each bag and won’t be as noticeable.

STEP 5: After you’ve completed 3 rows in blue, change back to off-white to work for another 3 rows. Continue with the pattern by changing colors every three rows, until you’ve reached the end of row 3 in green.

STEP 6: Crochet 2 rows in off-white, until you’ve reached the last 4 stitches in the 2nd row.  Here is where you’ll be making a chain space for the purse handle [*sc 1 st, chain 2, sc 1 st*, sc 36 sts, repeat between * *

Continue with the sc across to the first chain space. Once you’ve reached the chain 2 space, sc 2 stitches in the chain space made to reinforce the stitch.  Crochet around to the end of the row, and finish with a slip stitch.

STEP 7: Turn the bag inside out, using the two chain spaces as your guide for how to line up the edges. Sew in the bottom using the off white colored yarn.

Put a chain on it & you’re done!

 Get the yarn you need to make this bag here. Don’t forget to share your pics with us & tag them #genYcrochets!




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