Our Top Shows to Binge Watch While Crafting

Television is arguably once again in its golden age. Technological advances and bigger budgets have translated to stunning visuals, and the creative license given to screenwriters means that stories are now more compelling than ever.

Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have also revolutionized the industry by delivering one of the holy grails of customer satisfaction: instant gratification. Not to mention, with social networking websites like Twitter allowing for real-time discussions, television programs have gained cult followings that the previous generations seldom saw.

In other words, we are freakin’ spoiled. 

Anna and I are self-professed couch potatos binge-watching television aficionados. Anna had streamed Marco Polo TWICE in under 48 hours, and I personally watched all six seasons of Sex and the City in a mere few weeks.

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How I Started Knitting: Joan’s Story

When Anna and I decided to write about how we each started to knit and crochet, I admittedly felt a little nervous.. How and where do I even begin!? I wish I had one of those “I picked up my first pair of needles as a child and have never looked back” stories, but that’s not the case here…

As a senior in high school, I was over at my childhood best friend’s house and had noticed a gorgeous off-white scarf. I still remember the way it smelled and how it felt against the skin. I fired off a few “Where did you get that?”‘s in quick succession.

“Oh, my mom knit it for me”, she had said nonchalantly. Whaaat? I knew right then and there I wanted to make one for myself. She grabbed a spare pair of needles, some stash yarn and patiently taught me how to cast on. Needless to say, I was mesmerized!

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Are you ready to P A R T Y ?

We’ve got some exciting news for y’all!

I’m sure some of you may have noticed we’ve added some amazing knit kits to our shop these few weeks. From the gorgeous Her Shawl kit from Loopy Mango to Wool and the Gang’s Lil’ Hold Tight Clutch, we are that much closer to realizing our dream – making our favorite yarns and projects more readily available to our fellow North Americans.

Partly to celebrate the introduction of these kits to our shop and partly just ’cause.. we’ll be hosting a knit party in Toronto next month – HOORAY!

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