OUTFIT INSPIRATION // 5 ways to style your knits

We’re into the first week of August, and my mind is already drifting into fall.  This summer has been H-O-T here in Toronto. I’m not exaggerating when I say all you can bear to stand is the time it takes to walk from one building with A/C to another.

I could never be one of those perfectly made up girls who can withstand 34 degrees Celsius of heat while wearing their hair down and sporting 5-inch heels. Don’t get me wrong, I love dressing up.. but when it’s that hot, by the time I get to the subway I’m wondering why I even bothered wearing moisturizer that day.

BUTTT… then come those summer evenings where your suffering is compensated by the cool breeze, and order is restored. THAT’S when I feel ready to embrace summer fashion. My go-to outfit is usually a mix of dressy and casual; a knitted top with heavy metal jewelry. I love the juxtaposition and this seemingly effortless look. Plus, how awesome does it feel when that summer go-to top happens to be made by yours truly, and the jewelry is a find from a recent trip to the thrift store!?

“Oh where did I get this? I made it!”

“Oh this necklace? I snagged it up from Value Village… for only $2!”

Moving on from my imaginary conversation with a style reporter… I’ve rounded up a few ideas for a go-out-with-a-bang-end-of-summer-knit-look (…err, is the title too long?), including our own take on what’s hot:

Photo cred: belted sweater :: orange sweater

  1. Wear a heavy necklace to juxtapose the light knit.
  2. Pin it or Brooch it, just add some flare! For an unexpected look, try a bejeweled spider brooch or an Erase You pin. The Glamourai has a great trick on how to wear a brooch without ruining your clothes (and with knitted tops it’s super important).
  3. Pair it up with some ripped jeans (or leather pants) – Every blogger has a pair of ’em according to Honestly WTF – do I really need to make an argument here?
  4. Wear it over a collared dress shirt – yes it’s still summer, but if you’re a woman working in an office, chances are you are freezing your buns off while your male counterparts are sweating theirs. Seriously, there’s a science behind it. Now that you’re informed, let’s move on to the last one.
  5. Tie it up with a belt.
  6. And finally… mix and match all of the above for a streetstyle approved look.

Photo Cred: brooched top :: ripped jeans

We couldn’t just leaving you hanging with a few pictures, so head on over to our Pinterest for more inspiration on how to style your knits.



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