Knit/Crochet Apps That Will Change Your Life

By now, you should already know there’s an app for everything. Hell, there are apps that have saved people’s lives. While I can’t promise what we’re about to share will help in a life or death situation, these are all great tools to supplement your crafting routine. Here are some of our favorites:

Click Counter (Google Play/iOS equivalent: App store)clickcounter

This app wasn’t made specifically for knitting; rather, I’ve used it in the past to keep track of attendance at events. Nonetheless, I began using it recently to count rows and I haven’t looked back since. Before this, I would either make mental notes or scribble the number of rows on a scrap piece of paper (picture a million tally marks). I love this app because of its simplicity – press the ‘volume up’ to increase the counter, and ‘volume down’ to decrease.

Knitting Chart Maker (Google Play/App store)

An awesome design comes to mind, but don’t have a scrap piece of paper handy for a quick sketch? No problem – with Knitting Chart Maker, you can now create patterns on the go. The app features over 30 stitch symbols and cable sizes, so it’s super easy to map out the design you want.

Gaugefy: Knitting Gauge (Google Play/App store)  Gaugefy
Being a lazy knitter, sometimes I don’t even check my gauge (collective gasp). But with Gaugefy, I have no excuse.  With the touch of a button, the app can help me calculate my knitting/crochet gauge and answer those all-important questions like “How many stitches will I need to get 10 inches with X pattern’s gauge?”. The app will also help you adjust your gauge depending on your specific pattern. Ultimate time saver!

Knit tink Row Counter (Google Play)  knittink
Knit Tink is one of the most hottest knit/crochet apps available now! It is made specifically for tracking your tools, yarn, rows and repeats. Best of all, you can create and track up to three projects.


Knitulator (Google Play)  Knitulator

With this app, you can record and store your needles and hooks inventory and calculate the yardage of substitute yarn required for a pattern. In the pro version, you can also import and edit all of your Ravelry projects. This is any crafter’s best friend!


Ravulous (Paid app, Google Play)  Ravulous

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s wished for a Ravelry app. Until that day comes, the next best thing would be Ravulous. Just log in using a Ravelry account, and you’ll be able to see projects for a pattern, favorite and download patterns, stash yarns, upload photos to projects, and much much more. All that for only $1.56 USD!


Vogue Knitting Magazine App (Google Play/iPads only: App store)  vogueknitting

Vogue Knitting is one of my favorite sources of inspiration, so its app counterpart is a natural complement. Since it’s free for print subscribers, you can view the latest issue on your phone or tablet instead of waiting for the next issue to arrive in the mail.

Just Knit: Stitches! (Google Play)


Not the prettiest of apps, but you can now have your very own stitch library available at the convenience of your phone or tablet. While the free version only offers 10 stitch patterns, the paid version of the app has 70 to choose from.

These are our faves – what’s yours? Let us know if we missed anything!


Happy crafting,


Joan & Anna

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