The People Behind the Brand // Interview with knit affair

We have some exciting news for y’all! We are SUPER stoked to announce that this Friday, we’ll be adding an amazing collection of knitting needles to our shop. Needles from.. the one and only knit affair! 

When Anna first introduced me to their products, the first thing that caught my attention was how gorgeous and modern their needles looked. But after testing them out, I realized that not only do the needles look good, but they’re extremely well crafted too. It’s like that one well-rounded girl everyone knows in their life with the perfect looks, smart, and talented. How. Can. This. Be.

In all seriousness though – who doesn’t want to look hot while knitting? The combination of knit affair’s bold colors and functionality are an awesome addition to every knitter’s collection.

To mark the upcoming addition of knitting needles to our store, we caught up with knit affair founders Daniel and Corinna Nippes for a quick chat.

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Toronto’s first ever knit party!

This past Saturday, September 12th, Toronto played host to an event of epic proportions.. The city’s first ever knit party!

Anna & I had been planning this event for the past few months, so we were SUPER excited for the day to finally come. Even though we love running own online store, nothing beats meeting new friends who share a mutual love of yarn (not to mention, a mutual disdain for the city’s erratic weather).

For the event, we rented a cozy studio at the Gladstone Hotel, a boutique art hotel in the heart of Toronto on Queen West. It was everything we had wanted as our first venue – ultra trendy and in touch with the growing arts movement in Canada. We arrived an hour prior to event kick off and got started on decorating right away.

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How I Started Crocheting: Anna’s Story

This is the story of how I got into crochet. I warn you though, it has nothing to do with crochet, and everything to do with omens.

Let me explain.

The story begins back in May 2010 in my last year and final month of university. It was the last two weeks of final exams and my brain was on fire. I could not make decisions about ANYTHING, whether it was what I was going to eat, what I was going to wear, or where I was going to go. In hindsight, it sounds a bit like a typical Monday morning when getting ready for work. But in actuality, it was terrifying. I had spent four years studying social sciences and law. It felt like the decisions should be obvious. Law school, where else? But I was completely lost. I spent four years learning critical thinking, advocacy, theory, human rights issues – but it turns out all that has nothing to do with law.  So I was at a crossroads – follow the herd or be a black sheep?

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