The People Behind the Brand // Interview with knit affair

We have some exciting news for y’all! We are SUPER stoked to announce that this Friday, we’ll be adding an amazing collection of knitting needles to our shop. Needles from.. the one and only knit affair! 

When Anna first introduced me to their products, the first thing that caught my attention was how gorgeous and modern their needles looked. But after testing them out, I realized that not only do the needles look good, but they’re extremely well crafted too. It’s like that one well-rounded girl everyone knows in their life with the perfect looks, smart, and talented. How. Can. This. Be.

In all seriousness though – who doesn’t want to look hot while knitting? The combination of knit affair’s bold colors and functionality are an awesome addition to every knitter’s collection.

To mark the upcoming addition of knitting needles to our store, we caught up with knit affair founders Daniel and Corinna Nippes for a quick chat.

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