The People Behind the Brand // Interview with knit affair

We have some exciting news for y’all! We are SUPER stoked to announce that this Friday, we’ll be adding an amazing collection of knitting needles to our shop. Needles from.. the one and only knit affair! 

When Anna first introduced me to their products, the first thing that caught my attention was how gorgeous and modern their needles looked. But after testing them out, I realized that not only do the needles look good, but they’re extremely well crafted too. It’s like that one well-rounded girl everyone knows in their life with the perfect looks, smart, and talented. How. Can. This. Be.

In all seriousness though – who doesn’t want to look hot while knitting? The combination of knit affair’s bold colors and functionality are an awesome addition to every knitter’s collection.

To mark the upcoming addition of knitting needles to our store, we caught up with knit affair founders Daniel and Corinna Nippes for a quick chat.

We’d love to give our readers an inside peek inside of the heads of the two geniuses behind knit affair. But first off – how did the two of you meet?

Music, the arts and partying brought us together. We met some 10 years ago at an electronic music festival close to Berlin. After living together abroad in Singapore and Switzerland for some years we have now returned to Berlin where we live and work.


How did the name knit affair come about and what inspired you to make knitting needles?

knit affair was born out of the search for a stylish gift for a yarn-addicted friend. We were looking for something unique with a modern and minimalistic design, and since she always raved about her latest knitting tools we wanted to find her some that were really special and that she would be proud of showing around. But however hard we looked we couldn’t find anything, so we decided to make some knitting needles ourselves.

We and our friends really loved the result, so we offered them to some yarn and design stores here in Berlin. They were well-received, so we decided to have them made professionally in cooperation with small local craft shops and artisans. We loved the initial feedback that we got from the knitting community, so we expanded the range with other colorful knitting tools.

We chose the name knit affair, because knitting is a personal journey and every project is unique. You create something special for yourself or for someone you love. It can be easy or it can be challenging but it always involves feelings, and this is what we wanted to express through the name knit affair.


Do either of you knit or crochet?

We both grew up in knitted clothes made by our mothers or grandmothers. But we only started our own knit affair when we got inspired by the colorful knitting needles. We would still consider ourselves novice knitters, given all the amazing and difficult stuff people do out there, but we’re curious to try out more projects. Last winter our favorites were little baby scarves and leg warmers for our little daughter. So let’s see what this winter will bring.


We love that your company sources quality materials from Germany as well as employ local artisans in the production of your tools. What’s the process in finding these artisans?

Finding the right people to make these tools was actually quite difficult. The production of knitting needles has mostly moved to China and India a long time ago. So the art of making these tools has been largely forgotten by the average woodworker. We got lucky, however, in finding a partner that liked the idea and was keen on learning the old craft anew.

In regards to finding artists to paint our needles, we started out learning about the community online. We then talked to quite a number of them before we found the perfect match, as it was important to us that everybody shares the same passion for creating unique quality tools.


What has been the most rewarding aspect in working on knit affair?

It’s simply the passionate, positive feedback we get from the knitters themselves. It’s great that people like the knit affair style and share the ideal of sustainably created products.


Between the two of us, I’m a knitter while Anna is more of a crocheter. So, we can’t help but wonder.. Have you considered making crochet hooks?

We definitely have. Unfortunately, we have not yet found a suitable local supplier who can make them the way we want. But it’s high on our list for sure!


What do the two of you like to do to wind down? Any particular hobbies/interests?

We love to hang out with our friends, that’s the best to wind down. Meditating and yoga is also a good choice and beside that we love to be in the outdoors, snowboarding and mountain biking.


We like to finish our interviews with a silly question. If you could dine with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be?

We would love to have a standing dinner, with lots of people to chat and share ideas with. We would invite our friends and family and add some special guests: Oscar Wilde, Joelle Hoverson, Jim Jarmusch, Shep Gordon, Jeremy Jones, Stephen West, Gary Vaynerchuk, Walter Gropius, Paul Klee… In short everyone inspiring is invited.


-Joan & Anna

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