DIY // Fluffy Blanket Scarf

It’s been a while since we’ve posted a pattern on our blog, the last pattern being our wrecked tee knit pattern. Since the weather outside is (going to get) frightful, we concocted a scarf pattern that is the perfect combination of sparkly, light, and warm. Yup, we nailed it.

The scarf is really wide, so you can wrap it like a snood, or wear it like a shawl. It’s also super lightweight, so it’s perfect for this flip-floppy weather we’ll be having for the next couple of months until old man winter settles in.

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BOO again! Our Fav Halloween Patterns for You to Knit

As some of you may or may not know, I’m an avid knitter with some basic crochet skills while Anna is a skilled crocheter who takes knitting as a side chick. So.. I can’t just write a post on Halloween projects to crochet and leave my fellow knitters out! Here’s a roundup of my favorite October 31st-inspired projects to gawk over, knit and ultimately enjoy.


Now this is just fabulous. First thing I thought of was Samantha Jones in a pink wig. Not exactly the scariest costume you can come up with, but it’s definitely eye catching and sexy. For the exact opposite of sexy, knit a longer version of the wig in white yarn and you can be a British barrister.

Photo credit & free pattern: Knitty

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BOO! Our Fav Halloween Patterns for You to Crochet

One of my favorite holidays is fast approaching, and the gears are already starting to turn. Should I dress up this year? What will I be? What will I make? 

Halloween is such an amazing time of the year because that’s when everyone’s creative juices are really flowing and people are more open-minded than usual. What’s not to like about a holiday fixated on the idea of pretending to be someone you’re not?

If you wanna show off your creativity this October 31st, we’ve got some awesome ideas for you. Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite Halloween-themed crochet projects. Get ready, get hooked, go!


Make an amigurumi for each member of your family! This project is perfect for those with lots of scrap yarn – crochet a different color bow for each doll to distinguish who’s who.

Photo credit & free pattern: Annoo’s Crochet World

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Things to Make with Scrap Yarn

So you’ve just completed your latest project and are feeling super proud of your work. You’ve essentially just transformed a squishy ball of fluff into something you can actually display, wear, or gift. How freakin’ amazing is that?

But now you’ve got a dilemma. There is not a single knitter or crocheter who hasn’t asked themselves this: What in the world should I do with all my scrap yarn? Throwing it out isn’t an option because… well… it’s YARN. Well, here’s some ideas I hope can solve your dilemma!

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