BOO again! Our Fav Halloween Patterns for You to Knit

As some of you may or may not know, I’m an avid knitter with some basic crochet skills while Anna is a skilled crocheter who takes knitting as a side chick. So.. I can’t just write a post on Halloween projects to crochet and leave my fellow knitters out! Here’s a roundup of my favorite October 31st-inspired projects to gawk over, knit and ultimately enjoy.


Now this is just fabulous. First thing I thought of was Samantha Jones in a pink wig. Not exactly the scariest costume you can come up with, but it’s definitely eye catching and sexy. For the exact opposite of sexy, knit a longer version of the wig in white yarn and you can be a British barrister.

Photo credit & free pattern: Knitty


Who says all cute amigurumis have to be crocheted? These 3″ babies are quick to knit and make adorable keychains or embellishment on costumes, outfits or whatever other ghouly decorations you can come up with.

Photo credit & free pattern: Mack and Mabel


No, you are not experiencing déjà vu. Sleep-deprived me accidentally included it in the crochet post (gasp). But here it is again: Make your own little Casper to decorate your front porch. Who says everything needs to be scary?

Photo credit & free pattern: Let’s Knit UK


It’s already getting pretty darn cold here in Toronto, and what other way to keep toasty warm than to knit your own mitts?

Free pattern: Home Makers Insanity; Photo credit: Jules91


Very few single articles of clothing are as iconic as ‘Lil Red Riding Hood’s crimson red cape. This pattern is designed for 2- and 4-year olds, but that doesn’t mean you can’t modify it and turn it into an adult costume *wink.

Free pattern: Erika Flory; Photo credit: Lorix5


My first thought was.. Aww, it’s a Luna dishcloth! Practical and quick, these make great gifts too. Not that you’ll be using it much on October 31st since everyone will have their bellies full of Halloween candy..

Photo credit & free pattern: One Crafty Mama


My mind is racing with the dozens of practical jokes you can play. How about scaring your kids with a bowl of Sully and Mike‘s eyeballs for breakfast? Don’t say you heard it from me.

Free pattern & photo credit: Mary Jane Mucklestone


I absolutely adore Xeniajoy‘s take on the iconic Ravenclaw House scarf. The scarf is simple to knit yet wildly recognizable – Throw it over a cardigan or wool jacket (bonus points if you make your own wand) and you’ve got yourself a Halloween costume.

Photo credit & free pattern: The Leaky Cauldron


Garlands ain’t just for bridal showers and Christmas anymore. Create a new family tradition by knitting an orange and black garland to hang over the fireplace every year.

Free pattern & photo credit: Woolen Affairs


I can’t vouch for the anatomical accuracy of this project, but.. HOW COOL IS THIS!?

Free pattern & photo credit: Knitty


If you’re not into pumpkins, ghosts and other clichéd Halloween motifs but still want to show your appreciation for the holiday, how about knitting an orange cable scarf? Cables will never go out of style, and neither will the colors of fall.

Free pattern & photo credit: Watkins & George 


Happy crafting!



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