DIY // Crochet Alpine Pom-Pom Hat

Well y’all, it’s that time of the year again – winter is coming (yes, I went there) and that means suddenly family and friends remember that you are a knitter or a crocheter and the requests for hats and scarves begin to flood in. There are those who are really good at getting started on their Christmas knitting/crocheting in the early fall, but there are also those who are like me – spend the summer and fall making projects for myself and pinning all my ideas from Ravelry, then rushing through the gift list 3 weeks before Christmas day.

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Crossed Ripple Stitch

There are so many different crochet stitches out there, but sadly I think crochet is underrepresented. Don’t get me wrong, I love granny squares, mandalas and basic stitches, but I think there is a lack of representation in projects posted on Ravelry, Instagram or Pinterest to exhibit the variety that exists in crochet. I’d go as far as arguing that if you want to find projects using different stitches you’d need to look for vintage crochet patterns on Etsy or eBay. To be fair, there are some designers out there who are pushing the boundaries of imagination when it comes to crochet, situating it as a modern craft; Jeanette from Lutter Idyl and Molla Mills are two of my favorites. There are also books you can get teaching you all the different stitches that exist in crochet. The problem is the disconnect between what’s possible to do and what’s being done.

So where is this rant going, you ask? Well, this is why we decided to start what we call The Stitch Academy – a collection of crochet & knitting stitches; It’s our way of both learning new stitches & contributing knowledge to the world of crochet & fiber crafts.

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