DIY // Crochet Alpine Pom-Pom Hat

Well y’all, it’s that time of the year again – winter is coming (yes, I went there) and that means suddenly family and friends remember that you are a knitter or a crocheter and the requests for hats and scarves begin to flood in. There are those who are really good at getting started on their Christmas knitting/crocheting in the early fall, but there are also those who are like me – spend the summer and fall making projects for myself and pinning all my ideas from Ravelry, then rushing through the gift list 3 weeks before Christmas day.

This year, however, I’m managing to get my projects done earlier, mostly because I have so many ideas for patterns. So as it stands, two people on my growing Christmas list already have their gifts made. Someone will get the fluffy blanket scarf we posted last week, and now another person will get the Alpine crochet hat you’ll learn to make today.

Changing the topic back to crochet, I think I’m in love with the rib stitch. I am a huge fan of simple stitches that give off a very complicated attitude. The dichotomy is irresistible. It’s safe to say I’ll be looking for more stitches like it. If you know of any please drop a line in the comments section!

I used Malabrigo worsted yarn for this hat because it creates a beautiful drape, the colors are vibrant, and the finished product is really warm.



(US Terminology)

sc = single crochet

st (s) = stitch (es)

sl st = slip stitch


Rib Stitch: worked the same as a single crochet stitch, except instead of inserting the hook into both stitches, you only insert the hook into the back loop.


Split the skein in half so you can hold two strands together. Do this for both colors.

Chain 67, join in the round with a sl st in the Sapphire Green color.

Rnd1: Work in sc, but instead of inserting the hook through both loops, insert it only into the back loop. This creates the rib stitch. Continue working in the round until you reach the last stitch, place a stitch marker to remember where each rnd begins.

Rnds 2 – 23: Repeat rnd 1.

Change to the Nostalgia color at the end of rnd 23.

Rnds 24 – 41: continue in pattern, bind off at the end of rnd 24 with a sl st.

Assembling: Using a tapestry needle, pull the yarn through all the loops in the last round. Remove the tapestry needles and tug on the yarn to join the edge. Attach a pom-pom and you’re done! Fold up the bottom of the hat to create an extra warm rim, or wear it as a slouchy hat.

You can also download a free PDF version of this pattern on Ravelry.


Happy crafting,


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6 thoughts on “DIY // Crochet Alpine Pom-Pom Hat

  1. Sorry, but I think you made a mistake in your instructions. At the beginning you keep saying sc (single crochet), but the rnd 1 instructions you have dc (double crochet). Plus what I’m making does not look like your picture.

    • Good catch Heather, thanks! You are correct, the dc is a mistake. The entire pattern should be crocheted in sc in the back loop (following US terminology). Sorry for the confusion!

  2. after you slip stitch do you chain one before you single crochet and if so do you go into the second chain from hook? how many sc’s should be in each round? Can you use just one strand so it is not so thick or will that mess the pattern up? hoping to hear from you soon. thanks..

    • Hey Sandy, after you sl st you continue crocheting across normally, starting with the very first st. The number of sts you chained, is the same number of sts you will have in each round, so that’s 67sts in every round. You can use one strand instead of 2, it will not mess up the pattern, but it will change the size of the hat. You will likely need to cast on more than 67sts, the best way to do that is to make a gauge swatch to compare the difference in size. Our hat’s gauge is as follows: 5sts x 4.5 rows in 1″ x 1″ square holding 2 strands of yarn working in back loop only.

  3. Hi there! I just found your site and I love the hats! Can you tell me if your crocheted Alpine hat has a knit version. I don’t crochet as yet. I can’t get my head around it!!
    Thank you.

    • Hi Ina,

      Thanks for your message! We currently don’t have a knit version of the hat, but we think that’s an awesome idea for a future blog post.

      We actually posted a tutorial on how to make the basic crochet stitch used in this pattern and you can find it here:

      It shows you step by step how to crochet the rib stitch. Hope that helps!


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