Happy Holidays!

Anna & I just wanted to say…



We can’t believe the year is almost over!! 2015 has been absolutely incredible for us. We launched our store nearly 6 months ago and have grown it into something we believe is truly promising. We’ve learned so much about the crafting business, about ourselves, and have picked up enough skills to survive the apocalpyse (and we’re not just talking about knitting and crochet here).

We’d also like to say a huge, huge THANK YOU. We couldn’t have done this without our amazing friends, families, and customers. Basically if you’re reading this post now, you’ve contributed to the HANK & HOOK brand in some way or another.

We’re super excited for what the new year brings! Trust me, we’ve got a ton in store for you (both literally & figuratively!). We wish you an amazing holiday, full of laughter, love, yarn, and wonderful memories.

Here’s to 2016!

Anna & Joan

DIY // The Force Awakens – His & Hers Toque


I have a confession.

Until I met my partner (Ahmed), I hated sci-fi movies and shows. I know, I know, hate is a strong word. But it’s the truth. I just never cared for nor understand the allure. It didn’t help that no one in my family was into sci-fi, so really I had no reason to even try. For 25 years I was in the dark.

But then I met Ahmed.

He started off slow with me. My first “sci-fi” was Harry Potter. The fact that I considered this sci-fi shows you the extent of my ignorance (and how much reculturing was in store for him).

Fast forward 5 years, 2 days, and a Battlestar Galactica binge (my favourite sci-fi show), I turned to Ahmed 3 days before The Force Awakens premiere and said: “I should make you a Star Wars hat.” I think all of his work culminated in this one statement: He felt proud.

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DIY // Winter Wonderland Hat & Scarf

It’s an understatement to say we’re totally crushing on Wool and the Gang’s Crazy Sexy Wool in Ivory White. And we’re not just saying it for the heck of it – both Anna & I have added so much of it to our personal stashes, our bedrooms look like mini yarn shops.

So, the idea for this hat & scarf set came to me when I was visiting the fiancé in Winnipeg last month. Being the knitaholic I am, 75% of my suitcase consisted of yarn and needles (#sorrynotsorry). The moment I stepped foot into the city, I felt like I was in a different country entirely because it was oh. so. cold. What to do? Make something warm to wear, of course! My eyes immediately fell upon my stash of Crazy Sexy Wool. Its shade and chunkiness conjured up images of a winter wonderland, which is how I came up with the name for the patterns.

Although we’ve yet to have our first snowfall here in Toronto, it’s never too early to get your knit on, right? Both items are super quick to knit. You only need 1 ball of Crazy Sexy Wool for the hat and another 3-4 balls for the scarf, depending on how long you want it to be.

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DIY // Very Berry Hat


Guys, where did the time go? It’s already the middle of December, and the final countdown is here: 10 days until Christmas, 11 days until the retail hurricane that’s Boxing Day, and 16 days until New Year’s Eve. We’re supposed to be well into winter, yet here in Toronto it’s still oddly warm (6 degrees celsius / 42.8 degrees fahrenheit).

Thank God for that though, because I’m hoping that means I can wear my hand knits for longer. I’ve been knitting and crocheting non-stop for the past few months, and my closet is quickly running out of space. And it’s no thanks to the amazing Crazy Sexy Wool.

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Rib Stitch

Rib Stitch

The second stitch we’d like to share is called the rib stitch. This stitch is commonly used on sweaters and hats to create a stretchy edge. Usually you’ll find tutorials demonstrating this stitch worked flat, but we put a twist on it and crocheted it in the round. This creates an interesting protruding stripes effect.

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