DIY // Iceberg No. 5 Crochet Hat

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Hello fellow crafters! it’s Wednesday again, so that means we’re back with another pattern for you. So what’s the story behind this pattern? Well friends, it’s really simple.

A while back we decided to stock the Loopy Mango Her Cardigan Knit Kit, and in true yarnaholic fashion I got a kit for myself to “test out”. I mean, it is my job after all, to know the products that I sell.. riiiighttt? Of course right. The stars were aligned right the day I finished making the cardigan because I had an entire untouched ball left. Yup, I was pretty darn tooting happy. So happy that I forgot about the unused ball for a month.

Fast forward a month later when I finally remembered I had a leftover ball, I was in search of an easy project to work on while binge watching my latest favourite show Madam Secretary. One episode later, I had a hat. So that’s the whole story behind the muse that brought on this pattern. Now that we’ve got that bit of useless knowledge you’ll never unlearn out of the way, let’s get to the pattern.

We named it Iceberg No. 5 after the colour and the name of the yarn that I used to make this hat. We thought it was pretty fitting to the same and sassiness of how the pictures turned out. Thoughts?


The hat is meant to have a snug fit and is crocheted in the round, starting at the band and finishing at the crown (bottom up method). If you’d like to increase the size of the hat based on your own measurements, wrap a measuring tape around your head and rest it in the middle of your forehead to get your exact circumference. Use your head’s circumference and the gauge information we provided to adjust the size of the hat.



  • sc = single crochet
  • st (s) = stitch (es)
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • rnd = round


5sts x 5.5 rows = 3” x 3” square using the rib stitch technique.


Final size measures 21.5” (circumference) x 9” length)


Rib Stitch: worked the same as a single crochet stitch, except instead of inserting the hook into both stitches, you only insert the hook into the back loop.


Chain 31, join in the round with a sl st

Rnd1: work in rib stitch until you reach the last st, place a stitch marker to remember where each rnd begins.

Repeat the first rnd 9 more times (10rnds in total)

Rnd11 (decrease beings): *work 1sc, skip 1* repeat between stars 9 more times, 1sc in the last st (21sts)

Rnd 12: *work 1sc, skip 1* repeat between stars 6 more times (14 sts)

Rnd 13: *work 1sc, skip 1* repeat between stars 3 mores times, 1 sc in the last 2st (10st)


Rnd 14: Bind off, leaving an 8” tail for sewing.


Using a tapestry needle, pull the 8” tail through the 10 sts and tug on the yarn to close up the loop. The pictures below demonstrate the crown of the hat before closing up the loop (left) and after closing up the loop (right). Weave in loose ends.


IMG_1945-edit IMG_1932 edit

As with our Alpine Pom Pom crochet hat pattern, you can download the free PDF version on Ravelry (and don’t hesitate to add us as a friend :D)

Happy crafting,


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3 thoughts on “DIY // Iceberg No. 5 Crochet Hat

    • Thanks Suzie! You’ll need about 74yds to make the hat. The Loopy Mango yarn we used (Merino no.5) is a super bulky (number 6). Any equivalent weight yarn, or even a bulky weight yarn (number 5), will work as well. Just adjust the measurements based on the gauge. Hope that helps!

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