Rib Stitch

Rib Stitch

The second stitch we’d like to share is called the rib stitch. This stitch is commonly used on sweaters and hats to create a stretchy edge. Usually you’ll find tutorials demonstrating this stitch worked flat, but we put a twist on it and crocheted it in the round. This creates an interesting protruding stripes effect.

It’s worked like a single crochet, except instead of inserting the hook under both loops, you only insert it into the back loop.

Rib Stitch_Crochet Academy edit


Chain the desired number of sts.

Rnd1: 1sc in each chain to end.

Rnd2: 1sc into the back loop of each sc.

Continue repeating rnd2 until you’ve reached the desired length.

That’s all. It really is that simple, and the result is pretty awesome. You can try out the stitch with our free Alpine Pom Pom hat or the Iceberg No.5 crochet hat patterns.

Rib-StitchLeft: Iceberg No.5 Hat // Right: Alpine Pom Pom Hat

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