Happy Holidays!

Anna & I just wanted to say…



We can’t believe the year is almost over!! 2015 has been absolutely incredible for us. We launched our store nearly 6 months ago and have grown it into something we believe is truly promising. We’ve learned so much about the crafting business, about ourselves, and have picked up enough skills to survive the apocalpyse (and we’re not just talking about knitting and crochet here).

We’d also like to say a huge, huge THANK YOU. We couldn’t have done this without our amazing friends, families, and customers. Basically if you’re reading this post now, you’ve contributed to the HANK & HOOK brand in some way or another.

We’re super excited for what the new year brings! Trust me, we’ve got a ton in store for you (both literally & figuratively!). We wish you an amazing holiday, full of laughter, love, yarn, and wonderful memories.

Here’s to 2016!

Anna & Joan

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