My biggest DIY project to date.. my wedding!

Some of you may or may not know, but I’ve been engaged since last summer. Being the ultimate procrastinator though, I’ve been avoiding wedding planning like the plague.. at least up until the past month or so. And now that we I started planning, I can’t stop!

Everyone says wedding planning can be stressful, but as someone who’s had a lot of event planning experience, I never really took those complaints to heart. But oh boy were they right. I mean, it’s not just any event, right? It’s the one day you’ll have forever immortalized via photos/videos/grandma’s photographic memory.

As someone who loves all things DIY (Exhibit A:  the blog you’re on right now, Exhibit B: our store), I knew I wanted to incorporate as many crafty elements as humanly possible. The benefits are trifold: have fun (always), save money (sometimes), and ultimately be able to make something that’s a true reflection of myself (definitely).

Thankfully our wedding isn’t until next summer, so that gives me 1½ years to attempt my gargantuan list of things to make:

  • All stationary: save the dates, invitations, seating chart, table numbers, place cards, wedding program, guestbook, card box, misc. signage
  • Wedding website 
  • Silk flower aisle runner
  • All decor (floral wall, backdrops)
  • All centerpieces and bouquets (started)
  • Two wedding garters (started)
  • Doilies for each table
  • Tablerunner for the head table
  • If I haven’t gone crazy by then.. A dress for photos

Not all of these projects involve yarn, but many of them do. Here are just a few yarnful projects I’ve made/will be attempting to make this year:

Crochet bridal garters (one to keep, one to throw!)

Photo credit:  klschaller on Ravelry

This pattern is easy to follow, even for a beginner like me. It’s a great project for those wanting to try using crochet thread, because it’s small enough that it can comfortably be made in a week’s time. I made the first one, but kinda gave up halfway into the second garter. Anna has amazingly offered to finish the second one for me (OMG I LOVE YOU GIRL). It means a lot, so thank you!!! TIP: If you plan on losing weight for your big day (like me) and are making it well in advance, complete all the steps up until tying the ribbons. This allows you to easily make adjustments if you are planning to go down a size or two. TIP #2: Ribbons tend to fray when cut. To keep the ends from fraying and unraveling, lightly singe each edge.


Balloon art

Balloon art

Photo credit: Pinterest

This is an excellent scrap yarn project! Plus, it elevates a cluster of balloons into an art installation. I’ve already purchased 36″ round helium balloons to hang from the ceiling, but after seeing this, I plan on alternating plain white balloons with these. As you can see from the picture, you can use paper doilies or yarn to decorate. If you have lots of time to experiment, why not combine the two.. and use a crochet doily instead?

Table Runner

Apple Blossom Placemat

Photo credit: condroidle on Ravelry

As much as I want to make a table runner for each table, I just don’t have the patience to see it through. Even the idea of crocheting ONE table runner is driving me up the wall. I though the free Apple Blossom Placemat pattern by Red Heart to be absolutely stunning, so I’ll be using it as a base pattern and elongating it into a tablerunner.

Wax paper backdrop

Wax paper backdrop

Photo credit & tutorial: Style Me Pretty blog

While undoubtedly time consuming, this project should be fairly straightforward to tackle. You basically create the cone shape out of wax paper circles, and then use size 10 crochet thread to create the individual garlands. I’m so excited to start it – I’m sure our guests will love using it as a photo backdrop!

Butterfly Dress

Butterfly Dress

Photo credit & paid pattern by Jennie Atkinson 

Two crochet projects and no knits? What’s going on? I began knitting this piece a few weeks ago using Debbie Bliss Angel, but am taking an indefinite break from it until I can get more pressing things on my list done. I haven’t decided when I’ll be wearing this (it’s a toss up between our engagement photoshoot this summer or for our first dance). It’s a fun knit, but because it’s lace weight it takes time. I own A Handknit Romance by Jennie, and I can’t get over the intricacy and feminine nature of her designs. Regardless of how long this project takes, I’m sure the result will be stunning.

So, that was just a few of the projects I plan on tackling in the coming months. There’s bound to be both successes and failures and lots of tweaking in between… but I’m soo excited to be sharing this journey with you all!